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We are four friends with the same passion about squirrel dogs. We have owned, hunted, and bred several different breeds of dogs over the years. We have found that these mountain feist are pound for pound our breed of choice. These little dogs are low maintenance, have a great temperment, aim to please and will give 110% everytime the tailgate drops.

We put a lot of hard work, study, and miles into making our blood lines. We have made trips to five different states to get some of the best blood lines out there. Through our breeding program, we always breed to get better. Our dogs are bred to start treeing at an early age and hunt at a high rate of speed with their eyes, ears, and nose. Our goal is to enhance our dogs' natural hunting abilities in the next generation. If it is pleasure hunting or competition hunting we want any dog from Crossfire to be able to hunt toe to toe with any dog out there.
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Last update 2/12/2017

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