Carl's nephew Westin with Preacher
Marty & Josh Weeks with Dixie, Max & Candy on Prentice Cooper WMA
Preacher            &               Roy
Josh Tucker, Bullet and Marty with a nice tailgate.
Carl with Preacher & Billy Ray Griffith with Deacon
Gus Hobbs after a great hunt with Crossfire Bullet

Cody Brown with Crossfire Clyde's
1st Tailgate.​​
Crossfire Deacon
Crossfire Jango
Crossfire Clyde
Crossfire Deacon & Crossfire Bullet 
Marty with Crossfire Bullet
Marty & Bullet
John & Clyde
Carl & Deacon
Carl & Deacon
Billy Ray & Bullet
Carl & Deacon
John & Clyde
Marty & Crossfire Bullet
Weston with preacher and his offspring after a great hunt
Roger Powell and Jessie James
Crossfire Squirrely 
Crossfire Rose
Crossfire Black Out
Crossfire Carley Sue
Cody & Crossfire Scooter
Crossfire Crow